Sunday, June 26, 2011

FREE Fairy Princess Party GIVEAWAY!

This week I have the amazing privelage of partnering with Byington Photography and Recycled Interiors to give away a Free fairy princess party to a very special girl and 7 of her closest friends! My desire in this business is not only to bring enjoyment to others by helping them celebrate lifes special moments...worry free BUT I also desire to give back to those in need or those who give to others before they give to themselves! That is where this comes in. I hope for this to be the start of many conests to help others in the future of this business. Until then, enjoy the preview and hop over to my facebook page to check out the details and start thinking of a little girl (ages 3-10) who you could nominate!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Big BUT...confessions, thoughts and solutions!

This post could most definitely be about much more than I am intending it to be but we will just leave that to another day...because don't we all know we could talk for hours on our intents to lose the larger parts of our derriere:) 

Instead I am going to do a little confessing if I may?! This past Sunday our sermon at church made me step back and re-evaluate so many areas of my life... Our Student Pastor, Matt Moore got the platform and shared the most stunning yet startling reality of the excuses we make that interfere with our relationship with Christ. Hence the title.. The Big But:) I felt God nudging me to write something about it But I kept suppressing the thought and telling myself yet another "But" excuse! I thought come on now this is a blog about parties, events and crafting I surely can't go off on a rant about my relationship (or lack thereof) with Christ. But little did I know He had such a plan to tie it all together:) Doesn't He always? 

Needless to say, my prayer life hasn't been that consistent lately. I have had the BUT excuses coming out of my ears. But, I just need to focus on finishing the details of this party, But I worked so hard yesterday I just need to relax today, But I finally get an evening to spend with Aaron... But, But, But! They were coming from everywhere. I get so caught up in my day to day life and where I want my life to be down the road that I lose focus of just Who is going to get me there!

Tying it all back to this blog about parties and crafting, I must say that prior to really pushing my business (even as early as last week) I kept giving myself the But excuses on why I couldn't advertise it or why some may not be interested in this business. The devil was really using my insecurities to put a damper on what I know God has given me a vision and talent to do. So, I decided to kick those Buts to the curb and really give God the glory for what He has done for me. I will wholeheartedly seek after Him even when I don't feel like it, I will run my business with Him as the cornerstone, I will not be afraid to talk about God on this blog because He is the reason the vision is a reality in the first place, and I will most certainly be more aware of the Buts that I use in my life.

So for starters I am kicking this But do I really need to do this right now? But to the curb and I am going to start working on this little masterpiece that I just fell in love with!  Thank you to Juneberry Lane for giving me this great idea! DIY Photobooths:)

Now, each party that I do will have a very unique photobooth for all their guests to share amazing memories with!
From Weddings

To Children's Parties

Can't wait to share the finished product with you! Check back for updates... AND kick those Buts:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hat Box Creation!

So a couple months ago I ran across this cute little hat box at the thrift store for $1
It had some stains on it and I wasn't particularly fond of the color either. Sooo... I was on a mission to change that!
I ran to Hobby Lobby the other day and grabbed this super cute damask fabric (after debating in the fabric aisle for 30 minutes on just exactly what color I wanted it to be!) And this is how it turned out. 
I still can't decide if I should do something else to it. I made a few fabric rosetta flowers and thought it would be cute to put a few on there...
BUT now I'm thinking it may be even better to 1) cover the whole outer top with them 2) cover the entire lid with them or 3) take them off and cover the lip of the lid with them... SO, what do you think? cover, leave or take them off?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Fan-Programs

I told you all that I would have more pictures to come on the wedding programs I showcased earlier on Megan & Ryan's wedding! So here they are:) I was just too excited about them to let a post pass me up! I wanted to share a little more about them...and the finished project!

 First, the bride and I decided on what size we wanted to fans to be. We agreed that 5 1/2 x 7" card stock was big enough to write on but small enough to use as a sturdy fan.
Then I was able to work on the fun part... making games for the back side! I chose 3 games: a crossword puzzle, a mad lib and a fill in the blank
And for the assembly we folded the programs in half and used elmers craft glue to hold the popsicle sticks and the fan together. Once they dried we rounded the corners and tied the ribbon on by pre-drilling the holes in the popsicle sticks and golf pencils.
 They were so fun and came in very handy for the guests! Not only did it keep them occupied before the ceremony started but also because the temperature was pushing 98 on wedding day! 

Mad Hatter Bridal Tea

I had the pleasure of hosting a bridal tea last weekend for Megan before her big day. Let me just say it was an absolute blast! My awesome friend Alaina, who by the way has an A-mazing blog allowed me to host this party at her house! We had so much fun and I can't wait to do it again for the next blossoming bride:)  


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fun Times!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy with tea parties and wedding planning. But I must say I had an AMAZING time spending these special moments with wonderful people. Below is a sneak peak of some pictures of Megan & Ryan's wedding which I had the absolute pleasure of working with to make their day just as special as they had imagined! More pictures to come:)

Mr. & Mrs. Whited

Ceremony Site at the beautiful Filleaur Lake House

 Moss details that went with the rustic/country theme the couple had picked out!

The prettiest flower girls and most adorable ring bearer ever!

Moss initials were hung on the entrance to the barn reception
Wedding programs/fans. More pics of this to come!
  More handmade rustic decorations
 The wheat centerpieces rocked inside the barn! Perfect for such a theme:)

Showcasing some of their awesome engagement pictures by Jamie Pearson Photography

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilting for Baby Easton

I had this fabulous idea to quilt a baby blanket for my amazing friend Jennifer who is preggo with a precious baby boy! Forget the fact that I had never attempted such before... other than my teeny, tiny Barbie quilts I use to make as a little girl:) However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that with the guidance of my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Joan, I was very capable of accomplishing this task! 

Made from 2 charm packs I purchased online and minky dot fabric purchased at JoAnn's

 Jen loved Baby Easton's new quilt!

I think the color combination will go very nicely in Easton's new room:) 

Enjoy Baby Easton!!!